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Pine Shavings Example

Our Products & Services

Kiln Dried Shavings

Kiln dried shavings to ensure you have the driest, high quality shavings.  Excellent for animal bedding in your equestrian center work areas, animal stalls, and chicken houses.

Onsite Delivery All Over the Southeast 

We deliver large tractor trailer (walking floor trailers) that will provide 110 yard loads. Perfect for your chicken farms and larger horse barns.

Our spreader truck will provide 20 to 25 yard loads and is great for 4 - 10 stall barns.

Our equipment is clean, well-maintained, and never used for litter/shaving removal.  Therefore avoiding risk of contamination to your farm!

Compressed Bags of Pine Wood Shavings
Bagged Pine Wood Shavings 

Our bagged shavings retail  at Local Feed and Western  Stores for your small quantity needs.  We can deliver larger quantities directly to your farm or livestock event.  These shavings pick easily, travel well and are perfect for your livestock trailers and stalls.

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